Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Establish Rokan Hilir Polytechnic, This Is the Destination That Rohil District Government Wants To Get


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - As one of the efforts to improve Human Resources (HR) in Rohil Regency which is considered to be still low, the plan for the Rohil Regency Government will be to establish a polytechnic. If this is realized, natural resources (SDA) are strongly believed that can be utilized optimally by reliable and adequate human resources.

The Government of Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province will establish a Polytechnic with a land area of ??10 hectares in Banjar XII Village, Tanah Putih District.
"This plan is indeed a long time ago, even the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has granted permission to establish the vocational campus," Acting Regional Secretary Rohil Surya Arfan said during a meeting to discuss the establishment of the Polytechnic with 11 oil companies in the Regent's Office Hall on Thursday .
The Regional Secretary explained, the reason for the regional government was to establish a Polytechnic besides not having a university, but the unemployment rate in Rokan Hilir was also quite high.
"This is one of our goals to improve human resources, especially in the vocational field and also open employment opportunities, he said.
In addition, the supporting factors for the establishment of the Polytechnic were also due to the existing buildings and even a number of companies, including well-known universities in Indonesia, agreed to cooperate.
"It's only a problem now that we don't have practical facilities and laboratories, including requiring six Strata 2 lecturers, this is our homework together," he said.
In addition to discussing the issue of the establishment of the Polytechnic, in the meeting Rohil Regency Government also offered companies related to the required departments.
"There are four majors that we offer to them including Computer Maintenance Engineering, Industrial Process Engineering, Industrial Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering," he explained.
In fact, the company fully supports the Regional Government's discourse to establish a Polytechnic and is willing to have an office in Rokan Hilir.
"Indeed, there is also our discourse to build vocational training centers, then use old wells that have not been managed by Chevron. Well, to answer all of them, we certainly ask for commitment from the company and finally they are very supportive and even ready to help," he said.
The Secretary added, in principle the plan of the Rohil Regency Government wanted to establish a Polytechnic to answer the vision and mission of the elected Regent and Deputy Regent, considering that this area has a wealth of petroleum, plantation, agriculture, fisheries and so on.
"The Regent wants to create an Upstream Industry in order to overcome all these problems, so he needs reliable human resources. This is the reason we set up the Polytechnic," he said.
At present the Rohil Regency is taking care of licensing to the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.
"So while taking care of the permits, for the initial stage we will send 10 people first to the Caltex Riau Polytechnic in Rumbai, Pekanbaru," he added.


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