Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Ducati still struggling on its fairing and aerodynamics at 2019 pre-season session


IllustrationIllustration - Until the second day of the 2019 MotoGP pre-season session, there were no satisfactory results from Ducati. This is mentioned because Ducati is still making improvements to the appearance of the fairing.

From the @ducatimotor twitter account, a photo upload showed that work is still being done to improve the front fairing of the Ducati Desmoseidici GP which is dominated by black.

However, on the third day of the 2019 Sepang MotoGP preseason test, Ducati instead showed off an upgrade package that is ready to be applied at the Desmosedici GP this season.

Although disguised, you can see clearly the different and newest aerifairing of the latest motorbikes from the Desmosedici GP motorbike compared to last year.

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At the Desmosedici GP last year, a winglet was seen at the top. But this time the size looks bigger than before

On the back of the upper winglet there are also changes, there are additional small wings. And on the side fairing there are two aerodynamic packages.

Since the beginning of the season on MotoGP, Ducati is still playing in the winglet and aerofairing. This pioneer continues to be developed to adjust the rider.

Even the General Manager of Ducati Corse, Luigi Dall'Igna mentioned that quoted from Motogp_id, "Ducati became the pioneer of research and development of winglets or aerofairing in MotoGP. So it's not possible if Ducati doesn't use winglets."

The package of aerodynamics, aka the latest aerofairing on the photo that was applied on Andrea Dovizioso's motorbike, was still new research.


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