Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

Former president of US, Joe Biden promises to cure cancer if elected as president


Joe BidenJoe Biden - Former Vice President of the United States (US) Joe Biden is running for the upcoming US presidential election in 2020. Joe invited attention in his latest campaign because he promised to cure cancer. "I promise you that if you choose me as a president, you will see one of the most important changes in America. We will cure cancer" Joe said as quoted by CNN on Saturday, June 15th 2019.

Some experts are skeptical of the political promises conveyed by Joe. For example, surgeon Deanna Attai from the University of California Los Angeles, for example, said that cancer is not a disease that can easily be cured. "No. It's not that simple" Deanna said.

The US National Institutes of Health says that currently there are more than 100 types of cancers that have a variety of causes ranging from viruses to radiation. Every cancer case is unique so the treatment is different for each type of cancer.

Therefore, according to Deanna, the promise of giving one medicine to cure all types of cancer is impossible. Joe himself is known to have his own experience with cancer. In 2015 his eldest son, Joseph Robinette Bidden, died of brain cancer.


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