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These are the dishes that you should have try if you are traveling into Mongolia


KhorkhogKhorkhog - When you think about Mongolia, you will think of vast grasslands, nomadic culture, or even fierce warrior like Genghis Khan. Mongolia is the 18th largest country in the world.

Due to the extreme weather and the people’s nomadic lifestyle, Mongolian foods mostly come from animals, like meat and milk. However, some of these traditional dishes are known to be delicious and some visitors are allowed to taste them. If you are planning to visit Mongolia, here are some dishes that you have to try.

1.       Kharkhog

Kharkog is cuts of meat, usually lamb, cooked inside a container that also contains hot stones and water. It uses vegetables if available, but it does not use much spice other than salt and pepper. Another unique thing is that the container is heated from the outside, a technique practiced for centuries by soldiers when camping. The chef will also hand the diners some of the hot stones, which they will toss from one hand to another. It is said to have beneficial health properties, due to the cold weather. It is very rare to see this cooking technique in restaurant.

2.       Huushuur

Huushuur is Mongolian pastry filled with meat and spices. It is traditionally served during Nadaam, Mongolia’s national holiday, but the truth is that this food is served all year-round.

3.       Buuz

Buuz is Mongolian dumpling filled with meat and vegetables and occasionally flavored with fennel seeds and summer herbs. It is often served with milk tea called suutei tsai. There is a unique way of eating buuz in that you have to bite the top first and then suck the juice out.

4.       Airag

Airag is Mongolian beverage. It is a mildly alcoholic drink made from mare’s milk. Fortunately, the alcohol content is only 2% so it serves more as a source of vitamins and calories. Visitors are often presented with a bowl of airag that has to be tasted as a mark of respect.

5.       Aarul

Aarul is fermented cheese with sugar formed into different shapes. The milk can come from camels, yaks or cows. The cheese is very hard so they are sucked on not bitten.  Mongolian children even use it when teething, which explains why Mongolians have such good teeth.


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