Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Two taekwondo athletes from Bengkalis will join pra PON


IllustrationIllustration - The branch manager of Taekwondo Indonesia (TI) Bengkalis Regency confirms that two of their athletes are included in the main squad that will perform during Pra PON (National Sports Week), which will be held in September. The two atheletes joined the main team after passing the test in Taekwondo Regional Training Center.

“In yesterday’s selection, TI of Bengkalis sent 6 athletes to undergo the selection of Kyorugi (action) and poomsae (art) that was held by the TI’S Branch Manager of Riau Province,” said the trainer, Eko Sapuroto.

According to Eko, the six athletes that underwent selection last week were Muhammad Rezi for -54 kg class, Al Amin Septu Kelana for -58 kg class, Rahmad Susilo for -74 kg class, Hanifa Safitri for -53 kg class, Bella Masitoh Yelfi for -57 kg class and Sakinah for poomsae.

From these 6, 2 of them managed to pass the selection. They are Rahmad Susilo and Hanifa Safitri. The two will train in the training centre before being sent to Banten in September along with other athletes from other regencies for Pra Pon.


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