Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

The secretary of national and political unity agency gave help to the fire victims in Tembilahan


IllustrationIllustration - On Thursday, fire happened in two different locations in Tembilahan Hulu District, Indragiri Hulu, Riau. The first was in Lorong Cinta Maju, Parit 7, and the second was in Lorong Bunga Padi.

In Lorong Cinta Maju, 6 units of house were on fire, while in Lorong Bunga Padi, 3 houses were burnt. The incident moved the heart of Marlis Syarif, the Secretary of National and Political Unity Agency of Inhil.

Marlis Syarif came to visit the victims of the fire, on Friday, July 12th. He came to give help in the form of basic foods and money together with Chief of Tembilahan Hulu Sector Police, Police Adjunct Commissioner A.R. Tarigan, and a few people from social organization Inhil Community Care (MPI).

They went to visit the victims in Lorong Bunga Padi first. After talking to the owners of the house, they went to Parit 7 to visit the other victims.


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