Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

Feeling tremendous pain, doctor found hair splinter piercing this man's legs


IllustrationIllustration - This 35-year-old man from Brazil have to be in the Emergency Unit (ER) after feeling severe leg pain, and the pain will be more painful when he walks.

This is explained in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, initially this man felt strange because all of sudden his legs felt a severe pain even though he had not fallen or had dislocated bone before, the doctors also stated that they did not see anything strange when they first saw his legs.

Quoted from Live Science, the doctor told him to walk with his heels to find out the cause of the pain in the man's leg, the man told that his right heel was the one that felt so painful. When the doctor examined the man's feet carefully, it turned out that there was a strand of hair that pierced his leg.

The doctor then pulled out a hair measuring about 10 mm or 1 cm using tweezers.

"The man was diagnosed with cili skin migrants, a rare condition in which the hair shaft or hair fragments are embedded in the surface of the skin," the site reported.

Luckily after the hair was removed, this man finally felt comfortable and could walk well again.


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