Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

These are the things that people with alpha personality do


IllustrationIllustration - The term “Alpha” comes from the study of animal. In animal kingdom, the Alpha is the leader of the group because it is usually the strongest and most aggressive. The Alphas exude dominance, which makes lower members of the group, classified as “Beta” and “Omega”, bow down to them.

But recently, the term has also been applied to humans. Those with Alpha personality are people who have dominant personality in their group. They are usually, ambitious, confident, and straightforward. Alpha people are usually admired and respected as leaders. If you are wondering, here are some things that people with Alpha personality tend to do.

1.       They are doers not thinkers

People with Alpha personality tend to resort to action than words. They tend to zoning out during long conversation, but they are adept at picking up non-verbal cues and body language. Instead of thinking about things all day, they prefer to take action right away.

2.       They are straight to the point

People with alpha personality dislike vagueness. They tend to speak their mind clearly in a way that leaves no misinterpretation. They also tend to be honest and dislike lying.

3.       They value quality over quantity in friendship

They value a small but tight circle of friendship over a wide but loose one. They are good in disengaging from a relationship if it has turn toxic.

4.       They are not obsessed with socializing

People with Alpha personality are not addicted to social media or being obsessed in socializing as a whole. They are fine in skipping a party, a vacation or an activity if they do not like it.

5.       They value their alone time

They love doing things in a group, but they can also handle doing things alone. In fact, they value their alone time and enjoy it.

6.       They are not affected by peer pressure

People with Alpha personality do not crave approval from other people. They are not affected by peer pressure. They are fine being different from their friends. In fact, they wear their individuality like a badge of pride.

7.       Nobody can stop them when they have their eyes on something

As you may know, people with Alpha personality are pretty ambitious and determined. If they have something they want to get, or a goal they want to achive, then nobody can stop or discourage them from getting it or achieving it.

8.       They prefer to stay single than being with the wrong person

They are scared of being single. They prefer to stay single rather than being with someone that they do not want.


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