Monday, 20 Jan 2020

A man was shot in Pekanbaru due to kidnapping and sexually harassing an elementary school student


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  A man, referred to as LG (35), kidnapped and sexually harassed a third-grader, referred to as Melati (9). He was shot by the police during his capture in Pekanbaru.

Head of Criminal Unit of Pekanbaru Sector Police, Police Adjunct Commissioner Awaluddin Syam say that the suspect started his crime by getting close to the victim first for three days, before kidnapping her.

“Before he kidnapped the girl, LG got closer to the victim first, by picking her up after school, walking her to the front of her home and giving her 2000 Rupiah, all for 2 days,” he said.

On the third day, the suspect did the same thing but this time, he brought her around Pekanbaru and treated her to eat. When they arrived at a gas station, he started sexually harassing her in the toilet.

“On Thursday, July 12th 2019, around 6 in the morning, the victim was let go by the suspect. She was not even taken to her home but was left at the sidewalk in the area of Bukit Raya. She was found by civilians and was brought to Bukit Raya Sector Police,” Awaluddin said.

When the victim finally arrived home, she told her parents that she had been molested by LG, who was still wearing the school uniform of her school. He family then made a report to the police based on her claim.

“Now, LG has been captured and admitted his crime and he was now imprisoned by Pekanbaru Sector Police,” he said.






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