Monday, 06 Apr 2020

Many couples were caught during the raid that done by Pekanbaru Municipal Police


IllustrationIllustration -  Pekanbaru Municipal Police carried out a raid on Tuesday, July 16th, after the reports from civilians regarding perverted activities done in the huts around the Purna MTQ and Parit Indah Street. 

During the raid, they found several couples in the middle of perverted activities.

The police arrested 4 couples. 

The rest of the couples were able to escape, with some of them even diving into the bushes in order to escape the officers.

The first place they busted were the huts around the Purna MTQ. The raid happened dramatically as there was a chase when the couples noticed the police’s presence.

The 60x60 dim huts were used for perverted activities, especially because it was dark there. 

The police caught several couples there in the middle of such activities. After that, they also tore down the huts that were intentionally built for such purpose.

After that, they continued their raid to Parit Indah Street. 

Once again the officers found couples in the middle of perverted activities in a hut that seemed to be built for that. Some tried to escape but failed. The police was once again forced to tear down the building.







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