Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Logistic Bureau of Pekanbaru say that the price of chili raises, this is the reason


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  The prices of chili, onions and chicken are still very high in Pekanbaru. According to Industry and Commerce Department of Pekanbaru, the cost of broilers reaches IDR 33 thousand per kilogram and the cost of Bukittinggi chilies reaches IDR 78 thousand per kilogram.

According to the Head of Pekanbaru Food Security Department, Mutia Eliza, the price of chili raises because the supply decreases. If the supply decreases, the price automatically increases.

“Regarding market operation, BULOG (Logistic Bureau) does not have chilies. But they have onions. The solution is that we hope the farmers and civilians can grow their own chilies,” she said.

In order to help solving the problem of availability and stability of basic foods the Food Security Department has opened an outlet called Puanberseri. They work together with BULOG and other vendors to stabilize the food prices.






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