Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

Pekanbaru Government was threatened to lose first stage of 2019 Special Allocation Fund


IllustrationIllustration -  Pekanbaru City Government (Pemko) was threatened not to be able to disburse the First Stage of Special Allocation Fund (DAK) in 2019.

The Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) of Riau Province notes that Pekanbaru City Government still has not submitted disbursement.

Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Pekanbaru City, M Noer confirmed the news. 

However, M Noer conveyed the Pekanbaru City Government was in the process of completing administrative documents for the submission of the physical of DAK disbursement.

One obstacle has not yet been proposed for DAK 2019, because there are still a number of Regional Organization Organizations (OPD) that have not yet completed the auction process. 

"Some (OPD) have already processed.But because of the auction process, there are many items that must be auctioned," said Secretary M Noer when met at the Mayor's Office in Pekanbaru on Wednesday, July 17 2019.

M Noer added several OPDs are currently still carrying out the activity process. So, they cannot complete the required documents. 

Since the DAK disbursement limit for the First Phase will expire more than July 22 2019, M Noer has urged all OPDs to complete their duties. Moreover, considering the current of Pemko Pekanbaru has budget constraints.

"We have been warned because the deadline is July 22 2019. We encourage it to be finished," continued M Noer.

For information, the Pekanbaru City Government has included in a number of regencies and cities in Riau Province that have not submitted the disbursement of the First Phase of DAK which will be closed on the upcoming July 22, 2019. 






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