Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Bengkalis celebrated Bhakti Adhyaksa day with kite festival


IllustrationIllustration - In order to celebrate the 59th Bhakti Adyaksa Day, the State Prosecutor’s Office (Kejari) of Bengkalis held a kite festival on Sunday, July 21st in Pasir Andam Dewi Park.

Kites of many kinds, shapes, sizes and colors were competed in this festival. The festival was opened by the Head of Bengkalis Kejari Heru Winoto along with the Chief Committee Dahari and Head of Special Crime Section Agung Irawan.

Around 65 participants from 2 districts, Bengkalis and Bantan, participated in this event. In his speech, Heru Winoto said that this kite festival was held to celebrate Bhakti Adyaksa Day. He also thanked the committee for organizing this event. He hopes that this event will bring the civilians and state prosecutors closer.

“Civilians should not be afraid of the state prosecutors. A moment like this is very good to bring us closer,” he said.


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