Monday, 27 Jan 2020

AKN Bengkalis is the First National Champion Although It will be Closed


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BENGKALIS - No longer accepting students in the new teaching of 2019/2020 because it will be closed by the Bengkalis Regency Government.

Bengkalis Community Community Academy (AKN) has proven to be one of the universities with outstanding achievements. Like students able to compete in the national arena and become one of the first of the 29 best universities (PT) in Indonesia.

AKN Bengkalis students take part in the National Welding Competition (NWC) or welding competition followed by Indonesian universities at Surabaya State Polytechnic in Surabaya.

AKN Bengkalis Squad was named the winner of the National Champion in the GMAW 3 G category on behalf of M. Dicky Firnanda. Aside from that, AKN Bengkalis still won Hope Champion I in the same category on behalf of M. Ihsan Nirvana.

"The heartwarming of the 2019 NWC, the first prize and first hope are poor children from the Indonesian border in Riau. Dicky Firnanda is a tributary of the Rambai River in Teluk Pambang Village. While M. Ikhsan Nirvana is a child of Wathan from the Coastal Pambang," said Chairman AKN Bengkalis Alfansuri told reporters on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

"Ironically, indeed, the policy will liquidate the existence of Bengkalis AKN is very sad for poor border communities," Alfansuri said again.

According to him, as Riau people and Bengkalis people should have to maintain all their strength in the existence of Bengkalis AKN. With one of the campuses hope for the future, hacking poverty is bordered.

"Because of Bengkalis AKN which is long life education, skills education, short education, low cost, the pattern of institutions needed by border poor communities," he said again.

Alfansuri stated again, he also thanked all the people of Riau and the people, especially Bengkalis who had prayed for them. Besides that, thank you also to those who have helped both morally and materially.

The NWC 2019 competition in PPNS took place from 20 to 24 August, followed by 107 students. NWC competes in four categories, SMAW 2G Plate, 3G SMAW Plate, 3G GMAW Plate and 2G SMAW Pipe.

"With the appearance of Bengkalis AKN as the first winner in the GMAW 3G Plate Category, this campus makes it the best in Sumatra and outside Java," concluded Alfansuri. ***


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