Monday, 20 Jan 2020

The Citizens' Enthusiasm to Watch the Traditional Sampan Race Race Muara Bungkal, Sungai Mandau, Siak Regency


 (Traditional Sampan Race in Muara Bungkal Mandau Siak River / lin (Traditional Sampan Race in Muara Bungkal Mandau Siak River / lin -

SIAK - The Mandau River community seems to be very enthusiastic watching the traditional sampan race run that was held in commemoration of the 74th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia at the title in Muara Bungkal Village.

The Mandau River Sub-District Head, Novendra Kasmaran, directly opened the competition, this traditional canoe run was held as an annual activity and also as a way to promote a suspension bridge to the community which would later become one of the tourist destinations on the Mandau River.

"This is one of the first activities in 2019 as well as enlivening the 74th Indonesian Independence Day," said the IPDN alumni.

The Camat continued, the location that was used as a canoe spur would also be made a green open space. "The future location will be used as a green open space," he said.

The former Secretary of Dayun Sub-district said the number of participants who took part in the sampan race were 32 men's teams, and 13 women's teams.

"The participants were quite enthusiastic, not only the men's team but also the women competing," said the Camat.

Camat added, from the teams that competed from each village in the Mandau River District.

The Camat continued, in addition to Pacu Sampan, there were also other community play activities.

"We have carried out the folk games, and on Sundays we will take a leisurely walk that will be followed by the whole community," said the Camat.

In the Pacu Sampan activity, the head of district said he collaborated with PODSI Siak Regency.

"This activity is also a joint collaboration with Siak Regency PODSI," the Head of the district added. ***


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