Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Even though it was rained by rain, Siak Air Condition is Still Unhealthy


The condition of the smog still covered Siak despite the rainThe condition of the smog still covered Siak despite the rain - Fogging smoke is still seen polluting the air even though it rains with mild to moderate intensity flushed a number of areas in Siak Regency, Riau, such as in Siak District and Tualang District in the early morning until dawn, Saturday 14 September 2019.

"Alhamdulillah, the rain has fallen," said Riski, a Siak resident who was thankful for the rain in some areas in Siak.

He said, Saturday night's rain was the first since it last fell at the end of August. In these two weeks the condition of the smog in Siak caused the air to become unhealthy and dangerous. Although the rain has soaked the East Sun Palace country, the air quality in Siak is still in an unhealthy condition.

"Thank God, the rain has started to fall. At this time the color range of Air Quality is currently in the column of Yellow, with PM10 at 166, which means it is not healthy. Hopefully the air quality can soon return to normal," said the Head of the Division of Pollution Control and Environmental Damage DLH Siak, Ardhayani.

In Riau hotspots in the past few days mostly in Indragiri Hilir, Pelalawan and Indragiri Hulu Regencies. Land fires are also rife in Jambi and South Sumatra.

So that the smoke haze does not appear again, the Siak Regency Government has performed istisqa prayers to ask for rain. Last Wednesday, 11 September, the event was attended by all State Civil Apparatuses and honorary employees and the Siak community at the Tugu Depan Field in the Siak Palace.

Siak Regency Government, hopes that the rain will fall and the haze disappears not only because it disturbs health. But also because it will also hold a Tour de Siak bicycle race on September 18 to September 22 next.



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