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The View Distance is Under 1 Km, the Smoke Mist in Pelalawan is Still Severe


Kondisi kabut asap di PelalawanKondisi kabut asap di Pelalawan - The condition of the haze in the Pelinci River District Base, today, Sunday (09/14/2019) is still severe. But if compared to the last 2 days, the condition is somewhat reduced.

Based on reports from Pekanbaru BMKG, hotspots with confidence above 70 percent, there are 9 points. The wind blows. Where the last 2 days, it did not happen.

This gust of wind, is believed to be the cause of the somewhat reduced haze in Pangkalan Kerinci today. Visibility ranges from 800 meters to 1 KM. Previously the visibility was only 200 meters.

Head of Pelalawan Regency BPBD Hadi Penandio said, the hotspots in Pelalawan District had greatly reduced. But for the cooling process is still being done.
"For example in Kerumutan, only 1 point is still burning, namely in SM Kerumutan. The others we have successfully extinguished, but we still do the cooling process," he said when contacted, Sunday (09/14/2019).

According to Hadi Penandio, he believes, the haze in Pelalawan is dominated by shipments from outside.

"For example, in Kerumutan burns, there should be no smoke in Kerumutan, because the smoke from the fire is certainly carried by the wind. But the fact is, Kerumutan is still shrouded in haze. And of course the smoke from outside Kerumutan," he explained.

While related to the visit of National Police Chief Tito Karnavian today to Riau, Hadi does not know yet whether the Chief of Police will monitor the condition of the Forest and Land in Pelalawan or not.


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