Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Horrible! Brutal Stabbing By Unknown Person Happened in Bandung, There Were Gunshots Sounded


Photo: InternetPhoto: Internet -A brutal stabbing was captured on CCTV and became viral in cyberspace.

In the video seen several young men who were riding motorbikes hand in hand.

But from behind, suddenly there were two young men who rode and took out their machetes.

The machete holder in the back immediately released him to the victim.

The position of the victim was riding with her friend and trying to avoid the perpetrators' slashes.

Suddenly a romp ensued after a warning shot from the police chasing the perpetrator.

The video was uploaded by the Instagram account @bandungtalk on Saturday (11 January /2020).

Based on the information obtained, the stabbing occurred in Pasirkaliki, Bandung city on Friday (10 January 2020) afternoon.



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