Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

After School, Schoolgirl in Inhil Was Stabbed on Lintas Kuala Muda Street


The perpetrator when being securedThe perpetrator when being secured -

A student named Hardianti became a victim of persecution when she crossed Lintas Kuala Muda Besar Street, Across Tembilahan Barat Village, Tembilahan District, Indragiri Hilir, Riau, Monday (13 January 2020).

The 13-year-old student was stabbed on her way home from school, not only was the stabbed her android cellphone also stolen by the perpetrator.

The police even when receiving a report from the perpetrator's family immediately moved to the scene and did the crime scene and asked for witnesses' information.

Two hours after the incident, finally the Tembilahan Police Criminal Unit and the Inhil Police Criminal Investigation Team who was accompanied by Bhabinkamtibmas Seberang Tembilahan succeeded in securing the perpetrator.

"The perpetrator with the initial AN, who is also known to still be a student, finally succeeded in being entrusted to the great young Kuala Parit, Seberang Tembilahan Barat Village, said the Inhil Police Chief, AKP Indra Dhuaman through Tembilahan Police Chief, IPTU Leo Putra Dirgantara.

After being secured and interrogated, the perpetrator confessed what they had done to theft with violence.

Besides, the perpetrator also took a handphone unit and evidence in the form of a sharp blade type knife with a length of approximately 20 CM whose handle and knife sheath are made of black wood used by the perpetrator.

Then the perpetrator and the evidence were taken to Tembilahan Sector Police for further investigation by the Criminal Police Unit.

While the victim was brought to RSUD Puri Husada Tembilahan to get further medical treatment


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