Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

This Beautiful Woman Appointed to Be the First Shell Female President Director in Indonesia, Here's the Figure


 Dian Andyasuri Dian Andyasuri - Shell appoints Dian Andyasuri as president director and country chair for Shell Indonesia replaces Darwin Silalahi. Dian became the first Indonesian woman to be trusted to lead a Shell company in Indonesia.

Dian filled the position of Darwin Silalahi who retired after more than 12 years in his position. Shell put Darwin as the president commissioner of Shell Indonesia.

Aside from being president director and country chair of Shell Indonesia, Dian will continue to hold her role as director of Shell Lubricants Indonesia.

For information, Dian began her career at Shell in 2008 as General Manager of Finance for the retail business, before moving to Singapore and joining the Shell Global Downstream Strategy and Consultancy group for 3.5 years.

In June 2014, Dian returned to Indonesia and was appointed as Vice President of Marketing for Shell Lubricants Indonesia. He leads the marketing of lubricants, the development of Route-to Market or Indirect Channel Excellence and sales, and operational activities.

Not stopping there, in 2016, Dian was trusted to occupy the position of director of lubricants for Indonesia, leading a high-performance team and successfully driving business growth. At that time, Dian was the first Indonesian woman to hold the position of director of lubricants at Shell Indonesia. Now, she is back to being the first Indonesian woman to be appointed to lead Shell Indonesia.

After investigation, it turns out, before joining Shell, Dian has 15 years of experience in the global arena, running various roles in companies in Europe, the United States, and Australia.



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