Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Pegasus Internet Cafe Is Threatened to be Permanently Sealed, This Is The Reason


Warnet Pegasus was sealed by Satpol-PP Pekanbaru some time ago (R24 / put)Warnet Pegasus was sealed by Satpol-PP Pekanbaru some time ago (R24 / put) -

PEKANBARU - The Capital Investment and One Door Integrated Service Office (DPM PTSP) of Pekanbaru City, has not been able to confirm the licensing of one of the Internet Cafes (Warnet) named Pegasus on Jalan Srikandi, which was sealed by his party together with the Satpol PP Pekanbaru on Wednesday (1/15). .

Head of the Complaints for Policy and Reporting Services of PTPM DPM Pekanbaru, Quarte Rudianto said, to date his side had not been able to confirm whether Pegasus Warnet was licensed or not.

"We're still checking. We don't know whether they have permission or not," Quarte said, Friday (1/17).

He stressed, if the owner or manager were not there to show their licensing documents. Certainly they will permanently seal the cafe.

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"After sealing the manager or owner has not yet come to us. They have not yet showed permission. If it is proven to be unlicensed and not registered in our data, we will make sure the Seal is permanent," he said.

Quarte is still waiting for the owner and manager to show their permission. Because, when sealing yesterday the owner and manager were not in place, and the condition of the cafe was closed. (R24 / put)



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