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Viral! Apparently This Is the Cause of the Emergence of the Great Kingdom Palace and the Sunda Empire


The King of  Agung Sejagat Kingdom, Toto Santoso and The Queen, Fanni AminadiaThe King of Agung Sejagat Kingdom, Toto Santoso and The Queen, Fanni Aminadia -

In the past week, the appearance of the Great Palace of the Kingdom in Purworejo, Central Java, become a trending public discussion in Indonesia.

Not long after it, a new kingdom also appeared. The kingdom named itself as the Sunda Empire in the West Java region.

Inevitably, even this kingdom succeeded in seizing public attention.

However, what actually is the background of the phenomenon of the emergence of the kingdom which is considered by many problem as utopia?

Answering the question, Spokesperson for the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Wawan Hari Purwanto said the emergence of a community group that declared itself as a kingdom was based on the result of historical romanticism.

No doubt, it triggers and causes its own euphoria for the initiators.

"There are those who want to raise the glory of the past. Actually, if it is raised from the cultural side, it doesn't matter, but if it wants to be separated from the NKRI system let alone have an element of fraud, then this is not true, there are criminal sanctions," Wawan said when contacted by the media crew on Sunday. (19 Januari 2020).

BIN said, so far, it has not detected any indications of evil or separatist elements even though the group declared itself as a kingdom.

BIN Chief Gen. Budi Gunawan said his side had long detected the existence of the Great Supreme Palace in Purworejo, which was very controversial and had made a terabyte tantrum.

The declaration of the Supreme Palace was actually a crime.

But this is not the realm of intelligence crime that needs to be dealt with directly by BIN.

"We have detected it for a long time, but it has only appeared (crowded)," he told reporters at the Kempinski Hotel, Central Jakarta, yesterday.

Regarding the presence of Sunda Empire in West Java, it has been detected by BIN.

In fact, Budi claims the existence of the 'kingdom' has been under the radar of BIN because it has long been closely monitoring the activities of certain people.

Related to the existence of criminal elements in the 'kingdoms', Budi handed it over to the police.

As it is known, the existence of the Great Palace of the Kingdom in Purwokerto, Central Java, has caused a commotion in the public and mayor universe that led to the determination of the suspects Totok Santosa and Fanni Aminadia.

The two suspects were arrested on the basis that they were proven to have committed criminal acts in the form of fraud.

A number of items of evidence have been confiscated by the police, including documents allegedly forged by the two perpetrators.

Until now, the police are still investigating the whereabouts of Sunda Empire in Bandung, West Java, which emerged after the Great Royal Palace virus in Central Java.

The Sunda Empire group was judged to be the same as the Great Royal Palace because both of them wore costumes resembling military uniforms complete with unclear attributes.




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