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The Heartbreaking Story of a Woman from London; Her Husband Married Her Mother


Lautan and her mother JulieLautan and her mother Julie -

Lauren Wall, a woman from Twickenham, southwest London, who is now 34 years old, married airport worker Paul White when she was only 19 years old.

Her mother, Julie, who is now 53 years old, paid for her marriage of £ 15,000.

Lauren said, "Paul has always been close with mother. I never thought that was strange, because he was his mother-in-law and he was just being friendly.

"They laugh a lot together. I don't think to worry at all. "

However, how devastated Lauren was when something she had never imagined happened. Her husband had an affair with his own mother. She was very disappointed to find the two closest people he loved and trusted more than anything in the world would treat her in such a way.

"It hurts. That's one of the worst things a mother can do to a girl.

Paul might be a groom who doesn't have the guts but he's my mother. He is meant to love and protect me above all others. "

Lauren, a business development manager for Paul when he was 18: 'I met him at a local pub - I immediately assessed him.

"He asked for my number and the next day he texted asking to go on a date to the cinema. We started out right after that, "Lauren explained

Lauren, then found herself pregnant and their daughter born in March 2004, the couple decided to get married soon after.

"Five months later we were married in a beautiful church ceremony with friends and family. Mum looked proudly when we swore an oath.

"She told me that she wanted to be with me forever," Lauren said, remembering her husband's oath.

Lauren remembers how Paul chose to leave her. Then, she heard a rumor that he decided to live with her mother.

They divorced in July 2005. Then, nine months after Paul left, Lauren's mother, Julie, gave birth to her baby.

Five years after his marriage to Lauren, Paul married Julie.

Lauren even ended up attending her mother's wedding for her daughter's sake.

"He called me and invited me. That's weird. I was married on August 14, 2004, they were married on August 15, 2009.

"It was almost too much to bear but I did it for my daughter.

"I went to watch my mother marry the same man I married five years before.

"He initiated it. I took my brother to his house and he got into my car, started to cry and just said, 'I'm sorry'.

"I told him, 'Get out of my car'. He wrote me a few weeks later to apologize.

"And that is how we begin to improve our relationship."

'Just because we talk after that doesn't mean I overcome it. Paul never apologized or tried to apologize to me.

I talked to him when he married my mother. I asked her to explain to our daughter and she only asked our daughter to forget things that could no longer happen. "




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