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Can't Fair Being a Parent, the Child Rages, Hitting His Mother and Sister Use Wooden Beams


IllustrationIllustration - Rupingah (71) became a victim of abuse by Khoirudin (45), a resident of Wonorejo Village, Sumbergempol District, Tulungagung Regency, who was none other than her own son.

Not only Rupingah was the target of persecution, but Khoirudin also beat Mujiati (48), her sister.

After venting his anger using a wooden block, Khoirudin surrendered to the Sumbergempol Police Station on Friday (17 January 2020).

The persecution was suspected because Khoirudin felt jealous. His mother was considered not paying attention to him as a child.

According to Tulungagung Police Chief, AKBP Eva Guna Pandia through Sumbergempol Police Chief, AKP I Nengah Suteja, before the incident, Rupingah was cooking in the kitchen.

"Suddenly this suspect came with a wooden block," said Suteja.

Khoirudin furiously unclear and banged a wooden block against Rupingah's back.

The hard object landed twice on the back of this elderly woman, causing her to roar in pain.

Got the attack, Rupingah tried to escape towards the front of the house while screaming for help.

At that time came to his sister named Mujiati. Mujiati who tried to break up became the target of Khoirudin's anger.

She was hit by the wooden block, twice in the head.

Local residents also came because they heard the screams of Mujiati and Rupingah.

"During the fuss, the suspect escaped from the location. The victim and then reports to the Sumbergempol Police Station, "said Suteja.

The police interrogated witnesses and two victims and tracked Khoirudin's whereabouts.

But a few hours later, Khoirudin came to the Sumbergempol Police Headquarters and surrendered.

Khoirudin's confession to the investigator, he felt jealous of Rupingah's attitude.

Because as a child, Khoirudin claimed he received less attention than his brothers.

Because of his actions, Khoirudin was charged with article 351 paragraph 1 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, regarding persecution.

He faces a maximum prison sentence of two years and eight months.




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