Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Helpless Against Four Robbers That Blocked Him, Trimo Still Successfully Saved, Here's the Chronology


IllustrationIllustration - A young man from Kampung Purwodadi, Bangunrejo Subdistrict, Central Lampung, became a victim of 4 perpetrators.

The victim even received wooden blows on the thighs and face when fighting these four people.

The hijacking action took place (20 January 2020) then, on Jalan Kampung Payung Rejo, Pubian Subdistrict, Lamteng, around 12:30 p.m, when the victim Trimo (20) had just returned from the tourist attraction in Kampung Kota Batu waterfall.

Arriving at the crime scene, 2 perpetrators confronted the victim and told him to get off his motorbike, while 2 others waited on the motorbike.

Not only that, but the perpetrators also asked for the victim's cellphone. Because of fear, the victim handed over his cellphone.

When one of the perpetrators was about to bring the victim's motorbike, Trimo then shouted for help from residents.

It was then that residents came and chased the perpetrators.

Hendra was one of the residents who heard the victim's scream directly to the scene and chased the four perpetrators.

One of the perpetrators appeared to be pushing the victim's motorcycle about tens of meters from the scene.

However, due to being chased finally the victim's motorbike was left and the perpetrators ran helter-skelter with their two motorbike units.

Approximately two hours after the action, the two perpetrators namely Heri Bagus (19) and AFR (17), both residents of Padang Ratu Sub-District were later successfully secured.

"When we arrested, the two perpetrators tried to divert by driving two motorbikes. But based on the characteristics, we finally succeeded in arresting them," explained Padang Ratu Police Chief, Commissioner Hesbin Fadillah accompanied AKBP Police Chief I Made Rasma, Monday (27 January 2020 ).



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