Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Shame! Struggling to Build Image, the Drug Case at the End Reveal Lucinta Luna's Big Lie


Lucinta Luna when being interrogatedLucinta Luna when being interrogated -

Drug cases that afflict LL or Lucinta Luna widened to his personal problems.

Lucinta Luna's real identity as her name and gender are now revealed.

Lucinta Luna is called Muhammad Fatah's real name.

The Head of the Jakarta Police Public Relations Head of Police, Sr. Comr. Yusri Yunus, said that the sex information on the Lucinta Luna ID card and passport was different.

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Even though some time ago, Lucinta Luna had shown her passport through a video on Youtube.

In the passport, Lucinta Luna's real name is Ayluna Putri and female sex.

The Lucinta Luna drug case began when Unit 2 Narcotics Unit AKP Maulana Mukarom received information on drug abuse.

Members immediately went to the location in the Kebon Sirih area, Central Jakarta to make arrests.

Lucinta Luna was secured at 01:30 WIB and was immediately taken to West Jakarta Metro Police.

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In addition to Lucinta Luna, police also secured three other people with the initials HD (35), DAA (35), and NHAM (22).

One of the three people is a partner Lucinta Luna.

Those three people are proved negative using drugs.

While Lucinta Luna tested positive for using benzodiazepine riclona.

When arresting Lucinta Luna, police found three ecstasy-type drugs in a trash basket.

Now, Lucinta is charged with a penalty of up to four years in prison.



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