Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Astonishing and Scary! Thousands of Crow Invade Wuhan, What Signs are Those?


Thousands of crows attackThousands of crows attack - The phenomenon of prop and make the hair on the back of the neck now starting to occur in Wuhan, China is now circulating. Thousands of crows invaded the city where the coronavirus or COVID-19 originated.

From the latest report, Friday (February 14, 2020), the coronavirus has infected more than 64 thousand people globally.

The worse thing not only in China, but COVID-19 has also killed 1,489 people globally. And Wuhan is again in the public spotlight.

The latest news had a video circulating thousands of Wuhan ravens. This video is widely circulated on social media, from TikTok to Weibo.

YouTube Channel Wuhan News - World Breaking News also collected several videos of crows in Wuhan so they made some compilations.

It is known that this YouTube channel also makes a compilation of various kinds of videos from Chinese social media and local media coverage related to the coronavirus.

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In one video, a crowd of black birds flies in the sky of the city. Some other videos also feature some crows on the streets.

Netizens also gave many comments on the crow video. Many of them are associated with the coronavirus.

As it is known, people believe in the closeness between crows and death. Some believe this bird is a sign of death.

Netizens immediately gave various comments on the video of those crow attack Wuhan.

For next what is the phenomenon that will occur in the city of origin of the deadly virus? Many people still question it.




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