Monday, 06 Apr 2020

After Monitoring Period and Declared Safe, 12 People Under Surveillance (ODP) in Inhil Repatriated


Screening by officers at one of the ports in InhilScreening by officers at one of the ports in Inhil - Inhil-Task Force (Gugas) Prevention Handling for Covid-19 Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil) updated data on the distribution of Covid-19 Inhil District. According to the latest data released, there are 12 ODP that have completed the monitoring period and declared safe.

The day before, there were only 7 ODP who completed the monitoring period.

Meanwhile, for Patients Under Supervision (PDP) there is still 1 person who is currently in recovery condition.

According to the Inhil Regency Covid-19 Task Force Handling Prevention Spokesperson, Trio Beni Putra, the team will continue to monitor the development of the coronavirus case in Inhil District.

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"PDP is still 1 and its condition is getting better. We intensively carry out maintenance and monitoring," Trio said through a written statement.

So far, Trio revealed, no positive residents have been found to be infected with the coronavirus. Various efforts have also been taken by the Inhil Regency Covid-19 Prevention Task Force team to break the chain of the Coronavirus spread.

"Spraying disinfectants, making sterilization booths, and preparing for the construction of a special hospital for the isolation of corona patients, we also take," Trio explained.

The trio said the thing that needs to be considered for all the people of Indragiri Hilir Regency is to obey all provisions and appeals issued by the government. Because, Trio said, all parties have their respective roles to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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Port Screening

Subsequently, the Inhil District Covid-19 Prevention Task Force Team reported the results of surveillance through the port entrance. Based on the screening report at the port entrance, it is found that there are no ODP status passengers.

"There are about 376 passengers undergoing screening by the task force team that stand by at the port entrance. Of that total, all of them do not have ODP or are declared safe," Trio said.

376 people who have undergone screening and declared safe are from 4 arrivals at 4 different port points using a ferry. The majority are passengers who come from Riau Islands Province and Jambi Province.

"The 4 ports, including Tembilahan Sea Port, Kijang Island Sea Port, Kuala Enok Sea Port, and Sungai Guntung Port," Trio said.


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