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The story of a Pakistani child that died after hugging a suicide bomber


The story of a Pakistani child that died after hugging a suicide bomberThe story of a Pakistani child that died after hugging a suicide bomber - Not everybody in this world has a willingness to commit a life-threatening act to help others. But these three men dare to help others, even those he does not know at all at the risk of losing his life.

1. In 1998, two train conductors in Indiana saw a two-year-old girl on the train track. One of the train conductors braked the rain. With stepping on the brakes, the conductor is able to slow the train until 10 mph. But they do not have enough time to stop the train.

Suddenly, the other conductor considered to jumping ahead in front of the train to save the girl. He lowered himself to the end of the train. As they approached, the conductor kicked the girl as far as possible and jumped to examine her.

He ran and examined the girl's condition, apparently the girl only suffered minor injuries. She suffered minor injuries to her head and lips.

2. In 2013, a 14-year-old boy in Michigan rescued a woman who was the victim of a kidnapping. The boy hid the woman at his house and kept watch with the hunting knife when the kidnapper tried to enter the home.

The name of the boy is James Persyn III. He was at home with his two younger sisters, 11 and two years old when he heard a voice that calling for help at the front of door and a woman screaming to be let in. Then, he opens the door and sees a woman with a packing tape wrapped around her, with a bruise on her face and a broken arm.

The woman is a senior student who has been kidnapped from the school parking lot by a 30-year-old former convict named Eric Ramsey.

Ramsey took her to his mother's house, tied her up and raped her. He then puts her in his car, and while driving Ramsey  tells her that he will kill her.

The woman jumped out of the moving car and ran to a house. When James opens the door, she explains that someone tried to kill her, then Ramsey tried to get into James's house.

James locked all the doors and took the woman, his siblings, and the family dog ??to hide in the bathroom. He grabbed the hunting knife that he had just gotten as a Christmas present from his father. The woman called 911, and James called his father.

Ramsey pounded on the front door and shouted "Let me in or I'll kill you."

After a while, he surrendered and decided to burn the house down. He pours gas around the house, turns it on, and leaves. Then, James father's got there and the fire could be extinguished.

3. In 2014, a 15-year-old boy in Pakistan named Aitazaz Hassan manages to prevent a suicide bomber. The bomber then turned off the bomb. Hassan prevented the bomber from reaching high school with more than 1,000 students.

Hassan was late for school that day and was on his way to school with two friends. Then a stranger with a school uniform stopped them and asked for directions to school. This made Hassan suspicious. They live in Hangu, a troubled region in Pakistan that affected by terrorist attacks.

Hassan's friends retreated and the stranger tried to flee, but Hassan chased after him and started pelting him with stones.

When the bomber approached the school gate, Hassan prevented it. As they fought, the bomb has blew up and make the suicide bomber and Hassan died, and wounded two of Hassan's friends. For Hassan's heroic acts, the school was named after him.


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