Friday, 18 Jan 2019

The Groom who Fainted after His Ex Singing in His Wedding: I am Being Hypnotized


The Groom who Fainted after His Ex Singing in His WeddingThe Groom who Fainted after His Ex Singing in His Wedding - The viral story of the former singing at the wedding reception of the bride NokiesFebrianto and Musriani became the concern of citizens in social media. Even so, the incident of the former presence did not make the Nokies and Musriani's household ark cracked.

The happy couple have now been at the bride's parents' house on JalanSeriyakaya, Atakkae Sub-District, Tempe Sub-district, Wajo, South Sulawesi, when they are met by AFP (13/1/2018).

Seemed intimate with each other, feeding each other, this couple was also dismissed news rumors that the relationship is cracked because of excited events that occurred in the aisle at the reception last.

The incident of a wedding reception two days ago (10/1) had never predicted Nokies to be a splashy incident. At that time he passed out for about 30 minutes.

"I was hypnotized on the arrival of Novi who then sang the song 'BaloLipa', I am pity and pity but unable to think down from the wedding and hugged him," said Nokies.

The ex-boy, who had been admitted for more than a year, admitted that he had come and met before the night of 'mappaccing' before the reception at his home. But he responded casually, unlike when in the aisle.*


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