Friday, 18 Jan 2019

LG Considered to Rebranding It's G Series


illustrationillustration - A few weeks ago came the news that LG is considering to do rebranding of the G series. This news was later reinforced by data that called LG filed a trademark for the latest mobile series.

According to data contained in the US patent and trademark office (USPTO) this month, LG is referred to fill out trademark forms with smartphone names, such as LG Icon, LG Aicon, and LG Aiconn.

It should be noted that sometimes a company simply fills in or filed a trademark without using it. So, not yet certain whether there will be LG smartphone with the name mentioned above.

The use of a new name for this smartphone series was predicted will not happen in this year. Because, as quoted from Phone Arena, Saturday (13/1/2018), circulated a report indicating the existence of the successor handset LG G6 or in other words LG G7.

In addition to filing trademarks for smartphones, South Korean mobile phone vendors are also proposing the name of LG Iconic. According to information, the LG Iconic trademark is intended for smartwatch.*


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