Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019

The sequel of Pengabdi Setan film will be made in 2019


Film :  Pengabdi Setan Film : Pengabdi Setan -  After succeeding in being the most popular film in 2017, the film producer Sunil Samtani said that the horror film “Pengabdi Setan” (Satan Worshipper) will be made a sequel.

“I can only say it will start in 2019. Everything is still zero, we have not done brain storming. Everything is still in Joko’s brain. I do not know who will be the stars, how will the story be, everything is up to Joko. We hope it can be finished in 2019,” Suni said when asked about it in Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2018 in Emtek City, Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, Friday, March 23 2018.

Sunil said that all the actors and actresses that starred in the movie asked for a sequel but it ultimately depends on the director, Joko Anwar.

“Regarding a sequel, it is all on Joko. All the actors asked for a sequel, but it depends on him. Because from the start, everything depended on Joko, from the story idea and many others,” Sunil said.

Sunil did not tell much about the planned sequel but the story about the sect of the Satan worshipper will be part of it. “It should be continuing the story. Because there is an open ending, so we can make a story from it,” Sunil said.

When asked about the actors and actresses that will star in “Pengabdi Setan 2”, Sunil once again said that he left it all to Joko Anwar. 

“Well, we’ll see it later because it is still far away. I don’t know myself, what Joko wants. I still don’t know who he wants to use,” Sunil said.



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