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The reason why Pekanbaru had a fog covering it in this morning


Pekanbaru in this mornigPekanbaru in this mornig - Thursday, July 12th, 2018, Riau Province is prone to forest and land fires (Karhutla). But the data of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) in recent days noted that hotspot is minimal appearing in Riau.

However, this morning, Pekanbaru had fog covered it. So it raises the question of whether the hotspot reappears?

Head of Section (Kasi) BMKG Information Station Pekanbaru, Marzuki mention that is right, that Pekanbaru on this morning was foggy. "It is indeed Pekanbaru in the morning of the fog, because the cooling of the earth's surface in the early morning" he said, Thursday, July 12th, 2018.

For the hotspot itself in Riau is still nil. "Hotspots on the island of Sumatra there is only one point in Lampung, while Riau is still nil for hotspot" said Marzuki.

Predicted temperatures in the middle of the day will not blister enough, 33 degrees Celsius. With air humidity is 50 - 96 percent and wind comes from southeast to southwith the speed of 09-27 km/hour.

Even so there is still the potential for local rain in parts of Dumai, Bengkalis, and Rohil. "For the night there is also the potential for light rain which is local in parts of Inhil, Pelalawan, and Meranti" he said.


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