Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

Ahead of Eid al-Adha, the basic food prices are starting to increase


IllustrationIllustration - Thursday, July 12th, 2018, ahead of Idul Adha celebrations, the prices of basic necessities in Pekanbaru City began to be affected. A number of commodities, especially eggs and chicken meat, are rising in price.

Noted by Department of Industry and Trade (DPP) Pekanbaru, chicken eggs on the market is IDR 1.600 per egg which usually only IDR 1.500 per egg. While in a chicken house stall IDR 2.000 per egg. Then chicken meat IDR 31 thousand per kg from the normal price of IDR 21 thousand to IDR 22 thousand per kg.

Head of DPP Pekanbaru, Ingot Ahmad Hutasuhut already get the information. It's just that he asked the community, especially housewives do not panic.

"There is a trend of rising prices, especially chicken and eggs, the supplies are limited and causes the prices increase" he said.

Nevertheless, Ingot calls in general the prices of basic foods are still stable. As beef IDR 120 thousand per kg, chili pepper IDR 40 thousand per kg, and onion IDR 25 thousand per kg.

While the red pepper dropped to IDR 32 thousand from IDR 30 thousand per kg and garlic from IDR 22 thousand to IDR 20 thousand per kg. "So there is no need to panic, we will continue monitoring and together with Bulog and Riau provincial government will discuss it" said Ingot.


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