Sunday, 16 Jun 2019

Venezuelan president hopes that FBI will intervene to investigate case of attempted murder of him


Nicolas MaduroNicolas Maduro - An investigation into the attempted murder of Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro using an unmanned aircraft (drone) has entered a new phase with the arrest of two military officers on Tuesday, August 14th 2018.

Attorney General, Tarek William Saab said the investigation revealed the involvement of 34 people in an assassination attempt in early August. A total of 14 people were presented at the court, while 27 arrest warrants were issued and sent to Interpol. "There were 14 people who were presented and prosecuted in court" he said.

Former member of Parliament, Juan Requesens was charged with treason, terrorism and association for committing crimes and murder. According to a report from, Colonel Pedro Zambrano, Bolivarian National Guards, Division General Alejandro Pérez, Brayan Oropeza, Luis Guerra, Yanin Pernía, and José Blanco, were also charged for attempted murder on Monday, August 13th 2018.

Venezuelan officials are asking Colombia to extradite a prominent MP, Julio Borges who lives in Bogota. Reporting from The Star, officials said the plot involved the killing of two explosives containing drones which detonated near Maduro during his speech at a military celebration in Caracas, on August 4th.

"The first explosion occurred in front of the stands which caused hundreds of soldiers to spread and alert, seven soldiers were injured but Maduro and several other officials were not injured" he said. Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro said he would accept if United States government ratified its offer for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to cooperate.


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