NEWS24XX.COM | INDEX OF NEWS RSS NEWS24XX.COM | INDEX OF NEWS NEWS24XX.COM | INDEX OF NEWS en-US Copyright 2012. PT. Citra Media Langit. All rights reserved. Anggun broke record to be the first Indonesian singer whose songs has enter on Billboard America‚Äôs Top 20 Chart - Anggun is indeed a sensational artist. Her three songs, 'Snow on the Sahara', 'What We Remember', and 'The Goo ]]> 2018-11-20T10:49:36-05:00 Being in love and loving someone can make us live longer, recent study says -  According to researchers at the University of Western Virginia, California, the United States explained that falling in love caus ]]> 2018-11-20T10:29:17-05:00 1,011 people are missing after forest fires hit California - After all the time the fires that occurred in the forest area in California, finally President of the United States (US) Donald Trump r ]]> 2018-11-20T10:11:29-05:00 On this sex toys company in company, its workers are given special holiday to masturbate - This unique way is done by sex toys company, LELO UK and claims this method is done to increase employee happiness, reduce stress, ]]> 2018-11-20T10:06:40-05:00 Pearl and diamonds which had belonged to Marie Antoinette has sold for USD 36 million in an auction - Marie Antoinette's pearl and diamond pendants sold for USD 36 million in an auction. These pendants were sold in an auction on ]]> 2018-11-19T12:16:56-05:00 Did religious people are more prone to have depression then who do not?, this is the answer - Often when someone is depressed, many people associate this with the level of one's faith. Benny Prawira from the suicide prev ]]> 2018-11-19T09:56:42-05:00 This is what happen to your brain if you try to kill someone - Quoted from Time, the human brain is encoded for feelings of compassion, guilt, and empathic pain that cause a person to intention ]]> 2018-11-19T09:52:58-05:00 Inspired by his wife's bracelet, chef in New Jersey invented unique shape of pasta - Inspiration can indeed come from anywhere, like what happened to this pasta maker. He made a unique paste after seeing his wife ]]> 2018-11-19T09:45:48-05:00 KFC released chicken-themed street wear collection with Colonel Sanders character - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) does have many fans in various countries. Besides selling flour wrapped chicken, KFC has also release ]]> 2018-11-19T09:40:56-05:00 Jennie Blackpink was criticized after using wearing super expensive clothes on her new music video - Previously Jennie Blackpink was nicknamed 'human luxury' or 'fancy human' because she always wearing expensive stu ]]> 2018-11-19T09:30:49-05:00