Friday, 07 Aug 2020

An Iraqi model and Instagram star Tara Fares was shot dead at her Porsche


Tara Fares Tara Fares -  An Iraqi model and Instagram star Tara Fares was shot dead at the wheel of her Porsche convertible.  And now, the footage of the moment of her death in central Baghdad, has emerged.

The footage has sent ripples through social media circles in Iraq. The interior ministry opened a probe into last month’s murder of the 22-year-old woman who suffered three fatal bullet wounds as she drove through the capital’s Camp Sarah district.

The footage shows her car driving down a street in the Camp Sarah neighbourhood after she was shot through the window of her car by a man on a motorbike.

The interior ministry has released a statement saying that she was killed by a known criminal extremist group.

Fares is a fashionista with 2.7 million followers on Instagram. 

One of fans said, "I am beyond disappointed and hurt after hearing about another tragic loss in Iraq. Tara Fares, a model and social media influencer was gunned down in broad daylight in #Baghdad."

Fares, a young Iraq model was simply enjoying & loving life like other pretty girls. Unfortunately she got shooted & killed by few militants. 

In her Instagram, we can seen many pictures of her with tattoos, different hair colours and adventurous clothes. And she was a victim of her fame and targeted because of her lifestyle.





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