Friday, 05 Jun 2020

A man was forbidden to board a Saudi Arabian airline due to wearing shorts


Jordan BishopJordan Bishop -  As cited from Newsweek, Tuesday, October 9th 2018, Jordan Bishop, a Forbes’ contributor, booked a flight to Istanbul through Riyadh with Saudi Airlines. However, he was forbidden to board the plane because he was wearing shorts.

He went through booking and check-in without any problem. No one had told him about the prohibition yet. He only knew about it when he was in front of the gate.

“I am sorry Sir, you probably cannot board because you are wearing shorts,” was what a staff said.

After searching through internet, Bishop found out that there was a sentence in the Airlines guide that said that Saudi Airlines forbids its passengers to wear clothes that are considered “offensive”. 

He then asked the staff if they had a trouser. But since there weren’t any, he was forced to go to the airport’s shopping center. He saw a sarong in the nearest shop and went to buy it. He then came back to the gate, wearing the sarong over his legs.

“The crew had looked at each other when they saw me, and hesitantly, they let me in. They quickly shut the door after I came in,” he explained.

Bishop said that he could accept the rule because it was the right of every airlines. But at least they had to tell the passengers before they came to the airport.

“Why didn’t they tell me during the check-in process? Isn’t that more logical compared to stopping me right before I board,” he complained.

In August 2017, The Independent reported that Saudi Airlines was criticized for announcing that any man or woman who shows their arms and legs will be forbidden to board.






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