Friday, 05 Jun 2020

This company in Chinese pay gives bonus for their employees who successfully lose their weight


IllustrationIllustration - Achieving the ideal body weight is a dream for many people. Good for women and men. But in the process, ideal weight is difficult to achieve. Especially for those who rarely do physical activities. For this reason, the company created a program to motivate its employees to achieve ideal weight. The program lasts for 3 months.

This program can be followed by all employees. Employees simply write down the weight they want to achieve within 3 months. Every 1 kilogram of their lost body weight, CHY 300 will be given by the company.

Many employees enthusiastically joined the program. Especially for those who have excessive weight. Because this is their opportunity to have more money. One of the employees even set a high enough target. He targets his weight to fall by 15 kilograms.

Reported by World of Buzz, October 5th 2018, the program started on September 11th. Even so, there is one employee who managed to lose 5 kg on October 2nd. That means he got CHY 1500.

But there is a price to pay for those who do not reach the target that has been written. Participants who participated turned out to have to determine the amount of fines that would be paid if they did not reach the desired weight.

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