Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Weird couple in Australia, husband lets and permits his wife to be a prostitute


Eva Sless and her husband, JustinEva Sless and her husband, Justin - This Australian couple is considered one of the odd and rare couples. Because the husband let and allow his wife to sell herself or become a commercial sex worker. For Eva Sless, having sex is not just something she likes, this is her job. This 40-year-old woman is involved in consensual sex for money, even though she is married.

Strangely, Eva's husband, Justin really supports her work. The two of them also realized that their household life is something unusual. "I know we are a rare partner. But our lives and marriages are built on a strong foundation of friendship, trust, love and respect" Eva told the Huffington Post.

"I don't know whether this life we ??live can be acceptable to everyone. This works for our relationship, I love our world" he added.

Eva and Justin have been dating for seven years before finally deciding to get married. Meanwhile, their marriage age has now been almost 11 years. Eva has worked as a sex worker for about 15 years. Before marrying Eva, Justin had allowed his lover to work as a commercial sex worker.

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