Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Indonesian female athlete, Suwarti, kept competing in 2018 Asian Para Games even when she is 4,5 month pregnant


IllustrationIllustration - Indonesian female athlete, Suwarti, still did her best in competing for Indonesia in the 2018 Asian Para Games, even though she is pregnant. It turned out, she is already 4.5 months pregnant when she is competing in the games.


Together with her partner, Mohamad Rian Pahasta, Suwarti was able to win gold medal in table tennis competition. The partners won against Indonesian representative Banyu Tri Mulyo / Hamidah with the score being 2-1 in the final in Ecovention, Ancol, Jakarta, Wednesday, October 10th. She claimed that it was thanks to her baby's cooperation. "During the competition, my stomach was often hurting because I ran a lot, but thank you this time, my baby can cooperate," she said.


She admitted that she had not realized that she was pregnant when she was a national training for the 2018 Asian Games in Solo, a few months ago. When I was doing the test event at the start of July, she was already pregnant for 3 weeks. But she did not realize it until she took the pregnancy test. She even thought that she was only having a cold.


After finding out about her pregnancy, Suwarti consulted her trainer to ask whether she should continue her training or not. Her trainer suggested that she consulted her doctor first, regarding the condition of her pregnancy.


The doctor claimed that he was in a healthy condition and it was safe for him to continue training and compete in the games. Her husband supported her decision to keep competing, even though she is carrying their second child. During the first trimester, Suwarti, often felt nauseous and vomited a lot, was often late to training.


"Because I felt nauseous, I often came late to training, sometimes I even came when the training had been finished. Sometimes I came, but I ended up only lying around because I was not strong enough to do anything, "Suwarti said.


During the competition, her husband often called her to check on Suwarti's condition. He also kept reminding her to take her vitamins. "He was very happy, because he had been waiting for it, so he called me every time to check my condition," he said.


It was also carrying her first child during Asian Games 2009. However, back then she decided not to compete in the games. She said that she did not care about the gender of her new baby. "I'm fine either way. But my first child wants it to be a girl. But the doctor said it 'a a boy, "she said, smiling widely.

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