Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Short in labor force, Japan offers many job vacancies for foreigners


IllustrationIllustration - Japan announced that it will take on more foreign workers. The country is short on labor force as the population of workers is getting old. The plan is to fill the vacancies in some sectors like agriculture, nursing, hospitality, construction and shipbuilding. Based on the constitution, foreign workers who have the required skills will be given visa which enables them to work in Japan for 5 years.


The workers who have great qualification in their field and pass the Japanese language test will also gain permanent residency in Japan.

Government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga said that this policy will be given to parliament soon and will be formally issued next April. Japanese culture is actually still wary in accepting foreign workers and they still limit the permanent residency for professional worker.


However, it does not apply for people from South America and those of Japanese descent. The government has not decided on the target number for foreign workers in the new proposal. However, the local media has put the number as 500.000 people in 2025.

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