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Reasons why kids in Japan is called as the healthiest kid in the world


IllustrationIllustration - Do you know that the elderly people in Japan have higher life expectancy than most countries? Another study reveals that even the children in this country are healthier than children from most other countries. The study is published by The Lancet.

As cited from Japan Insides, Japanese children are healthy because of the kinds of food they eat and their eating pattern. Japanese families often consume and serve homemade foods, which are nutritious and cooked well. Seaweed, tofu, fish, and rice are among Japanese people’s every day foods.

Japanese people’s staple food is brown rice. This kind of rice is rich of water and it expands when cooked. It is rich of nutrition and contains higher amount of calories.

They also have a special way of serving vegetables. They use fresh ingredients for cooking. Some of them have undergone fermentation, which increases the nutrition contained. This makes the food served more nutritious when consumed.

The children in Japan are also used to eat calmly. In elementary school, the children are used to eat lunch together. They will prepare an area in the class to eat during lunch time, like a huge dining room.


This habit makes Japanese children used to eat calmly, enjoying every bite of their food and chewing properly. This in turn makes them feel full longer.

“Build the habit of being focused and relaxed during eating. This will make children eat comfortably. Show to the children that eating is a fun thing and the taste of food that is served is really delicious,” said Tomomi Takahashi from Kaji Sakura Nursery School in Hokkaido.

Another important thing is to make time in the house for the family to eat together. Eating together with the family will teach children how to be grateful with what they have and make them enjoy the food more. It makes the children healthy, not only physically but also mentally.

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