Friday, 05 Jun 2020

As many as 80 members of police department in Central Java are undergoing a rehabilitation process due to drugs abuse


Condro KironoCondro Kirono - As much as 80 members of the police department in Central Java undergo rehabilitation and treatment due to the drugs in Bhayangkara Hospital. They decided on the treatment after the Police Internal trial.

“Those who undergo rehabilitation and counseling were proven guilty in the internal trial because they were caught and proven to have used drugs,” said the head of Central Java police, Condro Kirono during interview in Bhayangkara Hospital, on Friday, October 12th.

He added that the medical treatment will be done for two weeks. Then, they will be given physical coaching by Central Java Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob).

“From the rehabilitation to their counseling process, the heads of the Resort Police Departments (Polres) have to accompany them. It applies to all members of police in Central Java that were caught using drugs. Their respective Polres have to accompany them,” he said.

Condro told the Resort Police Departments that if they find another member that uses drug, to give them away to Central Java Regional Police (Polda). This will make the rehabilitation process quicker.

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