Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Cleaning services are still anxious about the crocodiles that still roaming in the river in front of Mangga Dua


IllustrationIllustration - The cleaning service who clean the river in front of Mangga Dua, Gunung Sahari Street, North Jakarta, are feeling anxious. That is because there is a crocodile roaming the river. “Our routine is disturbed because we are afraid. There is a crocodile in there. Not only one, but three,” said one of the staffs, Sapar, in Jakarta.

Sapar and his coworkers always feel anxious when cleaning the river in fear of being attacked by the crocodiles. Furthermore, there is information that the crocodiles are nesting under the bridge that connect Mangga Dua Mall with Gunung Sahari Street. Although he is scared, Sapar still does his work carefully and always pray to the God for his safety. “We just pray for our safety to Allah. If we do not work, we are wrong, but if we do, we are afraid. That’s just how work is,” Sapar said.

The other workers feel the same anxiety. One of them is Irpan, Sapar’s coworker who also works in cleaning the river. According to Irpan, he discovered the crocodiles around three months ago. The three crocodiles almost always come to the surface to bask under the sun at the edge of the river every day.

“At first, I was shocked, but now I’m used to it. When I first saw them, they were still small, but now they are already as big as an adult’s thigh,” Irpan said.

Irpan hoped that the officers will do something about the crocodiles soon so he will not feel anxious and disturbed during his work.

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