Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Awkarin sold her Instagram account due to this reason


IllustrationIllustration - Celebgram and Youtuber, Karin Novilda, or known more as Awkarin, has just announced that she had sold her Instagram account. Awkarin said that her reason for this is because she wants a normal life.

Through her Instagram Story, Awkarin informed that it is not hoax or a lie. She expressed her wish of retiring from her life as a celebgram. “For those who think that it is only hoax or drama, you are wrong. I want to retire and have a normal life. Please respect my decision,” she wrote.

She will still upload advertisement photos starting from Monday, October 22nd, as her responsibility to her endorser. However, she does not tell until when she will do it and where the photos are uploaded.

“Just now, I broadcasted that on October 22nd all PP and endorse will be posted. That doesn’t mean I will use this Instagram account anymore. I will only post PP and endorse starting on 22nd as a form of my responsibility to the online shops and paid promotes,” Awkarin said.

Kumparan has tried to contact Awkarin but there is still no reply from her. The biography in Awkarin’s Instagram, which already had more than 3,7 million followers, changed into “Bye bye Instagram”.

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