Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Be the cover of TIME magazine, BTS will release its first documentary film


BTSBTS - BTS fans can now meet the idol via the big screen. This Korean boy band will release a film documentary in the near future. Quoted from Sports DongA, BTS will release a documentary titled 'Burn the Stage: The Movie'. This film tells about the career of BTS in the world of music.

Previously, BTS had released a documentary entitled 'Burn the Stage' on YouTube Red, which tells of their journey at the '2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour' concert. While the new documentary film will contain new and edited records.

This documentary will be 1 hour 25 minutes long. 'Burn the Stage: The Movie' will confide BTS about their individual growth and struggle either outside or on stage. 'Burn the Stage: The Movie' will be released on November 15 through the CGV cinema. Currently, BTS is considering broadcasting outside South Korea, including United States and Australia.

Previously, BTS returned to international achievements after appearing on the front cover of TIME magazine. When interviewed by TIME, BTS had just completed preparations to perform at the Staples Center, Los Angeles with a capacity of 20 thousand people and the ticket was sold out. J-Hope was also honored for all the remarks given by ARMY (fans) in the United States. "We are truly honored. We are very proud because what we do can be entertaining" he told TIME.

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