Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Lose her leg, this woman running marathon with artificial leg


Jenn AndrewsJenn Andrews - Never been crossed in her mind, that Jenn Andrews would lose her leg. The mother of two children had cancer which forced her right leg to be amputated. Quoted from Health, Jenn who usually routinely ran four to eight kilometers per day, her life suddenly changed drastically when she learned that she had a pea-sized sarcoma tumor on her right foot.

The doctor also eliminated it, and Jenn's condition improved. But soon after, the tumor actually developed into myxoid sarcoma cancer, a fat tumor that develops in the deep soft tissues. Usually does not show any symptoms until the tumor has grown and suppressed the surrounding tissue.

To protect her body's organs from the spread of cancer, doctors decided to amputate Jenn's legs. "I remember the moment was not like I remember the others," she wrote in her old personal blog.

Even though it only has one foot, Jenn's spirit continues to flare up. Assisted with artificial legs, Jenn also took part in the 5K race in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Not unexpectedly, with Jenn's legs made it past the finish line. Her success also made her husband, children, and doctors proud. "I felt so successful for the first time in a very long time" she told People.

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