Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Svetlana Soluyanova: Russian Female Boxing Star, European Champion


Svetlana SoluyanovaSvetlana Soluyanova -  Despite having a difficult childhood, Svetlana now holds the European title and works hard to win Olympic gold.

When we catch a glimpse of this beautiful Russian girl, not many think that she is a boxer, what else believes that she holds the European title.

In March 2018, 24-year-old Svetlana Soluyanova won the Russian Women's Boxing Championship and the next three months won the European Women's Boxing Championship. She won five matches in the 51 kg class. Not surprisingly, some Russian media dubbed her the "most beautiful boxer in Europe", while the Russian Glamor magazine nominated her for the Women's Athlete award this Year. So, how did she initially pursue this sport?

Born in Dimitrovgrad, a small town located 961 km east of Moscow, Svetlana claimed to have a difficult childhood. 

Her mother was almost never there for her (she served in prison) and for more than 12 years, the future boxing star lived with her aunt and then with her mother's friend. "I thought, those days taught me that I must always rely on myself, not others," she said.

She took her first boxing class ten years ago. "My sister told me that there was a free boxing class that was opened not far from home. That's how my career as a boxer began, "she told Russia Beyond.

"Of course, there are many people who say that I will not have a bright future," she recalled. 

"In difficult times like that, you start to doubt yourself and try to change the situation as best as possible. I am very grateful to the people closest to me, brothers and, in particular, my coach (Airat Bogdanov) - he is like a father to me. I am very grateful to him for training me. "

"If it's not because of boxing, Svetlana might jump into the world of music. Until class IX, I practiced music and boxing, but when I graduated from music school, I had to choose," she said. 

Despite concentrating on boxing, she still routinely picks guitar and writes songs. Her taste in music is quite unusual. She likes Russian blues and singers like Sergei Nagovitsin and Mikhail Krug.


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