Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The service of this app presents in the Ibis hotel to manage the social media of its visitors


IllustrationIllustration - Innovations were launched by the influencers of the Ibis Hotels in Geneva and Zurich starting on this November. This service is an option for those who wish to leave a routine on Instagram, but the activities of hotel visitors continue to be enshrined in the application that was launched.


'Instagram-sitters' are mentioned by name, and hotels have used the app and hired influencers to manage their guests' social media.

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Mentioned in Malaymail, November 25th 2018, this aims to help guests to separate them from their cellphones. The next thing to do is enjoy their vacation time.


During a full month trial, an influencer trio has been hired to upload the best photos. They also make stories on Instagram on behalf of the account owner.


The influencers mentioned were Geneva lifestyle-based bloggers Cristina Gheiceanu and local radio announcer DJ Sylwina. Then there are the German's Next Top model candidates. This service is only available at the hotel until December 2 on the site


However, this is not the first time used at Ibis hotels in managing Instagram. Last year, a similar service, 'Instagram Butler', was launched at Conrad Madives Ranfali Island for its guests.

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Basically, the service is a personal professional photographer hired to take photos of guests in the most beautiful places so they can upload them to Instagram.

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